Lock Maintenance

Lock maintenance isn't something most think about until its an issue. We love our customers and pride ourselves on taking care of all your needs, so as part of our regular seasonal maintenance, we take it upon ourselves to lubricate all of our customers locks. Just one more reason to give us a call for all your storage needs!Read more

Canada 150 – Proud to be Canadian

At wonderland Mini Storage we are locally owned and operated and 100% Canadian, we are proud to show our pride! See our new Canada 150 Flag, which appears to be one of the first in the neighbourhood! We hope everyone will take the time and enjoy all the festivities Canada has to offer this summer!Read more

Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Your Home

When you think of Spring cleaning, even self-storage units have to be cleaned and reorganized from time to time. This is something that a lot of people should do more often. Are you renting a self-storage unit? When was the last time you cleaned it and reorganized its contents? If you are storing in climate controlled or non-climate units, you should air our and dust within your unit from time to time. Whether you are a business or individual renter; here are some tips for you to consider when spring cleaning your unit:…Read more

Fall Tips for Self Storage

It’s been a fabulous summer in London Ontario and soon the brisk air of fall will be upon us! With summer coming to an end there may be a few things as you look around that need to change with the season.   Summer Clothes: changing of the season means the wardrobe changes as well. You may want to start searching for your winter sweaters, and bid farewell to the summer shorts and tanks. In order to maximize and organize your space you may want to pick up a couple of wardrobe boxes.…Read more

Tips to Efficiently Pack A Self Storage Unit

  Packing a self storage unit takes a bit of planning and skill. The goal is to use all of the space in the most efficient way, while still maintaining some access to your items in case you need them while they’re in storage. Here are a few tip to keep in mind as you begin to pack your storage unit. Tip #1: When packing be sure to Use boxes and labels: You want to maximize the space in your storage unit, using boxes that are uniform and full boxes that can be…Read more

Not All Boxes Are Created Equal!

Moving day is stressful enough, and yet, first you need to pack!! Maybe LCBO will be handy (I mean for boxes), but you are at the mercy of their goodwill and availability. Aren't all boxes created equal you ask? Nope, moving boxes are heavy duty and can actually hold the weight of what’s inside, these boxes are designed to be stacked and stored without collapsing or falling by being relatively the same width, length and height. Or, you could always just purge it all and start again!! Have faith, London, you movers and…Read more

It’s Begining To Look Alot Like Spring!!

We now believe that Spring is coming!! Today it’s almost mid-March and the sun is out (we hope you got a chance to see it) , it is still chilly, and after a long, hard winter, its taken till now to become convinced that spring may actually be arriving!! It’s time to start planning the spring clean-up and get organizing! It’s time to get the house windows open and let the fresh air in! Time to enjoy your space and stop hibernating! Spring is a fresh start! Clear away all that has cluttered you…Read more

Save on Income Tax by Deducting Moving and Storage Expenses

There are many reasons people move, but if you are a full-time student or moving for work, and are moving more than 40 kilometers, most of the time you will be able to deduct your moving and storage expenses.   Transportation and storage costs (such as packing, hauling, movers, in-transit storage, and insurance) for household effects, including items such as boats and trailers. Also including vehicle expenses, meals, and accommodation, to move you and members of your household to your new residence. Temporary living expenses for up to a maximum of 15 days…Read more

Self-Storage ~ An Easy Business Solution

  Wonderland Mini Storage is pleased to offer services and solutions to help you run your business efficiently and effectively. Maximize your office or retail space and store outdated files with us to. Store excess inventory, seasonal items, promotional displays. Ideal for sales reps’ stock, displays and exhibit equipment. We accept small package up to and including large pallet shipments directly into your unit on your behalf during office hours, and we will notify you. Packing, moving, and shipping supplies all in one place. We offer flexible short and long term lease agreements…Read more

Taking the Hassle Out of Storage

Congratulations!  You've sold the house, moved out of your cramped office into bigger quarters, left the dorms for an apartment on your own, etc.  and you can't wait to get started moving!  Or maybe you just need some extra space in the house, so you decide to pack up and store some extraneous possessions.  It might seem like a huge undertaking; renting a storage unit, packing things, transporting, and so on.  Here are a few tips to make it less of a war zone and more the proverbial walk in the park.  …Read more

What You Need To Know About Self Storage Facilities

You may not have a use for them very often, but self-storage facilities are definitely handy when you do have a need for them. Essential for storing up unneeded items that you don’t necessarily want to throw away, self storage facilities are great for freeing up space in your home or office. And there is definitely an increasing need for self storage facilities. All over the world–particularly in urban areas–space is fast becoming scarce and expensive. Not everyone can afford to have a home with enough room to contain everything they own, and…Read more

Hide Your Stuff Away: Storing Valuables

Say you've recently come into an inheritance; maybe Grandma died and left you her collection of rare Depression-Era glassware, or Great Uncle Chester has been put into a nursing home and his collection of first edition Dickens and Shakespeare was given into your care...  what do you do with it?  Unless you're extremely lucky and happen to have the space in your home required to store such large collections, you'd probably do what most people would do: rent a storage locker. Of course, storing valuables is completely different from storing your everyday pieces…Read more

Essential Steps For Deciding On A Storage Company

When searching for a storage company, most people tend to base their decision on the features, services, and cost. These are all important considerations to be sure, but there are other factors to consider as well. One particularly important consideration is the license. A reputable storage company should be duly licensed according to local, state, and federal regulations. This certification will indicate a certain level of professionalism and signifies that the company in question conforms to laws regarding the operation of such facilities. A storage company is only as good as its reputation…Read more

Storage Units Can Solve Your Space Problems

Are you struggling to find space for all the stuff that you have accumulated over the years? Have you moved into a smaller home than your former one and are now finding yourself with a severe lack of space? A storage firm might just be the best solution for your needs. Addressing the space needs of thousands of families all over the country, storage companies could be the only thing standing in the way of having to take your excess items to the scrapyard. Storage units are especially useful for formerly small families…Read more

Tips to Maximize your Storage Unit

There are many benefits to packing your stuff away at a storage facility, not the least of which is all the space that you will free up in your home or office. For people that have had to put up with clutter for so many years, having access to a storage facility is a breath of fresh air indeed. That being said, there is a lot more to storage facilities than just packing away your stuff and keeping them locked away. In order to get the most use out of a storage facility,…Read more

Planning for Storage Size

No matter how much space you will allot for storage, chance are that you will be struggling to fit all your stuff in. It is way too easy to fill a storage unit to capacity, no matter how well you plan your packing. Once you begin storing your stuff, there is always something else that you want to add in, and you may find yourself quickly running out of space. For this reason, it is always wise to plan for more space than you think you will need. Self storage units come in…Read more

Choosing a Self Storage Company

Choosing a self-storage company isn't necessarily a difficult matter, but it involves a bit more effort than merely settling for the first company you find online or in the Yellow Pages. While you could luck out and have a totally satisfactory move with most any professional storage company–industry standards have been raised considerably in the last decade or so after all–taking the time to choose the best storage company possible will reduce the risk of any mishaps. The first thing to figure out is how often you plan to check up on your…Read more

Box Basics for Storage Use

If you are planning to pack away a lot of stuff in storage, you will probably need several boxes handy. Boxing up items is an art in itself, and this particular process will require a bit of thought and planning. Take some time to do it right and follow these tips on how to box up your stuff, and you reduce the chances of anything going wrong when it comes time to place your stuff into storage. One of the most important things you have to know is how to make up a…Read more