Not All Boxes Are Created Equal!

Moving day is stressful enough, and yet, first you need to pack!! Maybe LCBO will be handy (I mean for boxes), but you are at the mercy of their goodwill and availability. Aren’t all boxes created equal you ask? Nope, moving boxes are heavy duty and can actually hold the weight of what’s inside, these boxes are designed to be stacked and stored without collapsing or falling by being relatively the same width, length and height.

Or, you could always just purge it all and start again!!

Have faith, London, you movers and shakers! We can help solve this moving and packing dilemma. We now carry various sizes of moving boxes and all kinds of packing supplies you may need or run out of. When you are picking up your boxes, don’t forget the other basics such as packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, mattress bags, and even the ever handy stretch wrap! Oh and don’t forget we have storage and trucks for rent!