Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Your Home

When you think of Spring cleaning, even self-storage units have to be cleaned and reorganized from time to time. This is something that a lot of people should do more often. Are you renting a self-storage unit? When was the last time you cleaned it and reorganized its contents? If you are storing in climate controlled or non-climate units, you should air our and dust within your unit from time to time. Whether you are a business or individual renter; here are some tips for you to consider when spring cleaning your unit:

Get rid of things that you do not want, use or need any longer

If you do not need them anymore, get them out of your unit. What’s the use of storing them if they will only take up precious space in your unit? You can always sell items if they are in good condition. Perhaps you can even downsize the unit once this is complete. Here at Wonderland Mini Storage you can transfer to a larger or smaller storage unit at any point without having to wait till the first of the month.

Arrange items based on how frequently you require them

As you tidy up your stuff, you should start arranging your items based on how often you need them. For example, large items you do not require as often should be stored at the back. Items that you want to access easily should be placed at the front. Be sure boxes are labeled and you have left space for you to navigate.

Do you need a place to store your items? If you have not found a storage facility yet, or you want to transfer your stored items to a better storage facility, you can always rent a unit at Wonderland Mini Storage, call us today.