Tips to Efficiently Pack A Self Storage Unit

Packing a self storage unit takes a bit of planning and skill. The goal is to use all of the space in the most efficient way, while still maintaining some access to your items in case you need them while they’re in storage. Here are a few tip to keep in mind as you begin to pack your storage unit.

Tip #1: When packing be sure to Use boxes and labels: You want to maximize the space in your storage unit, using boxes that are uniform and full boxes that can be stacked high is important. This way, you are utilizing all of the available vertical space. Be sure to label the boxes, and be specific. After months in storage, you won’t remember which kitchen box the blender is in. Face the labels of your boxes outward for easy identification.

Tip #2: Pack tallest to shortest: The tallest and largest items like furniture and mattresses should be closest to the back walls. Starting with the tallest items in the back and the shorter items in front, this will give you a clear view of what’s inside your unit at first glance and help you use the space in the most efficient manner.

Tip #3: For Larger units, leave a walk way: When you are packing your unit, be sure to leave a small pathway through the middle of the unit. This way, if you need to retrieve something later you won’t have to unpack your entire unit to access it, even if it’s packed away near the back of the unit. It may feel like the space for a path is not being used effectively at first, but the second you need to find something, you’ll be very happy it’s there. If you can use steel or plastic racking (free standing) that always is helpful.

Tip #4: Take inventory: As you pack up your items, make a list of exactly what you are placing in the self storage unit. This is important because it will allow you to recall what’s inside later in case you need to access something. It is also important because if a natural disaster occurs and you need to file an insurance claim, then you will have an accurate account of what was inside. It may seem like something you wouldn’t easily forget, but time may prove otherwise.

Tip #5: Use covers: I am sure the storage facility you have chosen is safe and clean, but, they likely don’t provide cleaning services inside the unit! Cover your furniture to protect it from dust and moisture. Mattress bags, sofa cover, upholstery bags and stretch wrap should all be on your moving supplies list.